Animated Gifs For Contemporary Art Museum Contest.

the internet machine-javier arres-animated gif

Title: 24/7 Online Machine

the selfie machine-javier arres-animated gif

Title: The Selfie Sentence

That are my two gifarts, done specifically for that exhibition chance, with wich i try to be selected for the next exhibition MediaLive, an annual festival that brings together art, digital culture, and technology at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA).

Twenty artist will be selected from all over the world to show their GifArts in two screens during festival.

The exhibition theme is: The Void. Does technology alleviate our anxieties or compound them? Does it offer a space of renewed possibility, or open up a more infinite abyss?…


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Javier Arrés Illustration People Choice´s Award Winner 2017

Fantastic night at Protein Studios in London. The past 29 March (Brexit Day ups!) Creativepool organized his important Creative Industry Awards. I was awared with the People Choice´s Award in Illustration so thanks to all the people voted to my work and to creativepool for the chance and for a nice cool party at London. Was nice meet with so many creative people celebrating art, design, tv spots…all in creative way.

Thanks again!


javier Arrés - artist- annual2017- creativepool party-illustration people´s choice award winner 2017 javier arres (7)

The text in my page said:

“Javier´s work focusses on hyper detailed steampunk worlds. Working mainly in ink, he creates illustrations that make you question their meaning, asking what has happened in these scenes and who the characters in them are.”



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javier arres big size illustration- large artwork- javier arres city- Artista javier Arrés - dibujos de javier arres- ilustracion gigante javier arres- javier arres artista motrileño-j

javier arres big size illustration- large artwork- javier arres city- Artista javier Arrés - dibujos de javier arres- ilustracion gigante javier arres- javier arres artista motrileño-j

My two mega-massive-big artworks (About 200cm large x 180cm).

This two bigs large format artworks are the diamonds of my current jobs. This two artworks means one year in my life. Are really important works for me. Now i´m doing a third one, but when i finished the second one, was the moment i decided i was ready to show all my work and try to do exhibitions, try some contest, etc.

javier arres con su gato frente ilustracion

The original “Tiñin Cat”

Basicly was the end of a phase i spended growing my personal style, loves and passions during five years. And now the next phase begin, doing dossier, trying to be part of a gallery, do exhibitions, commisions….will see, nobody knows 😉

But the point is i feel really happy to find my own way in art after five years hard work and a full life drawing.

I hope you like 😉

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javier arres-private submission-illustration-art

I was contacted for a commission from the UK. In that case was for a birthday present from Toby to his wife Zuzka. Was nice meet Toby, very kind and lovely person. And very in love with Zuzka 🙂

The commission always makes me happy, for money 🙂 🙂 and for the opportunity to make an illustration for a private person, for a home, maybe in a nice place. Toby send me a photo with the final frame and 1est character looking himself  with a cool hat and glasses into illustration. Very cooool 🙂 Thanks a lot to send Toby.


When I make a commission I ask the client for things he likes, architecture, culture (Egypt, Rome …), his loves and passions (my dog, sky, watermelon, ice creams, Hot-Dogs, whiskey …) and also the opportunity to choose the word to include in a billboard.

In that case it was, the Prague architecture, a labrador dog, cat, Zuzka name on the billboard, she is a potter so she included hand making pottery … and much more 🙂

Of course, the freedom to be creative is key, but I like play with things that the customer loves.

If you want a commission, contact me:

in progress-1

Previously finish