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featured at the latest edition of the Society6 Artist Quarterly + Flipside Full Moon.


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Illustration for the “Sette: Il settimalanale del Corriere della Sera”

Javier Arres Corriere Della Sera (2)

Illustration for the “Sette: Il settimalanale del Corriere della Sera” @7corriere for “L’ultima pagina”. Work by @illozoo , the illustration agency that represents me. As well thanks to agent @claudia.ariel , andthen-studio CEO, for the work.

Ilustración para el semanal del periódico italiano Corriere della Sera “Sette”. Piden a diferentes artistas que dibujen un 7 (Sette) y una pequeña biografía y nos dedican la última página cada semana a uno. Este es mi siete 

Javier Arres Corriere Della Sera (3)

Javier Arres Corriere Della Sera (1)

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Digital Illustrations

Javier Arrésjavier arres- ilustracion -illustration dragon BBQ


javier arres print

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Featured at iDAF 2019 (International Digital Art Festival) Manchester


I was selected at iDAF 2019 (International Digital Art Festival) Manchester/26-27-june/ as one of the showcase artists at the show.

Me han seleccionado como artista destacado para exponer dos de mis Juguetes Visuales en la Feria Internacional de Arte Digital 2019 (iDAF) en Manchester, el 26/27 de Junio.

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Custom Nike Cortez “The Fantastic Sneaker”

Custom Nike Cortez “The Fantastic Sneaker” A commission by @Carlos_f_pilo If you want your own Javier Arrés custom sneakers contact me😉 More customizations coming💪🏻. Was nice draw a sneakers. Thanks @raquel_galiano for record😍😘

Si no puedes vivir sin tus zapas-tenis, gorra … “Javier Arrés Custom Style” contáctame y ahorra un pelin de dinero. (Con colores en un futuro cercano 😉 )

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header biennaleMonths ago i won the London Art Biennale,  work on paper category, with my big artwork “Capitol City”, I did an important sale as well so everything was fantastic. I would like to say i´m the first spanish in won at any category, that´s excited to me.

Thanks a lot to Biennale organizers, Gagliardi Gallery and Chianciano Art Museum. for the event.

More details in that two videos:

Selected Artist:

Javier Arrés. Selected Artist to London Art Biennale 2019. from javierarres on Vimeo.


Javier Arres London Art Biennale 2019 Winner from javierarres on Vimeo.

Artwork Winner:

Javier Arrés - Capitol city - London Art Biennale Winner

Framed by the amazing guys from  NWCreative London

The next step is work with Gagliardi Gallery, try to work with more Galleries around the world, sell more and show my work in more international exhibitions. I’m in the good way but not easy.

Thanks to all.

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Javier Arres illustration - Javier Arrés Ilustracion - NFL american football artwork

I was commissioned by NFL digital media lab for a big illustration with animation for a installation at NFL Lobby in Culver City Campus. (L.A / EEUU)
Thanks a lot Ian Campbell for give me the great chance to work for NFL. Was amazing! 🙂

El departamento de “Digital Media” de la NFL radicado en Culver City (L.A / EEUU) me contactó para encargarme una ilustración con animación para usarla en el stand de la presentación de la nueva app de voz de la NFL. Con el vídeo se entiende “fetén”.
Muchas gracias a Ian Campbell por confiar en mi, fue genial poder trabajar para la NFL.

NFL Video at the NFL Lobby installation:

Final Animation:

Previous sketches/concepts:

sketches javier arres