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javier arres-private submission-illustration-art

I was contacted for a commission from the UK. In that case was for a birthday present from Toby to his wife Zuzka. Was nice meet Toby, very kind and lovely person. And very in love with Zuzka 🙂

The commission always makes me happy, for money 🙂 🙂 and for the opportunity to make an illustration for a private person, for a home, maybe in a nice place. Toby send me a photo with the final frame and 1est character looking himself  with a cool hat and glasses into illustration. Very cooool 🙂 Thanks a lot to send Toby.


When I make a commission I ask the client for things he likes, architecture, culture (Egypt, Rome …), his loves and passions (my dog, sky, watermelon, ice creams, Hot-Dogs, whiskey …) and also the opportunity to choose the word to include in a billboard.

In that case it was, the Prague architecture, a labrador dog, cat, Zuzka name on the billboard, she is a potter so she included hand making pottery … and much more 🙂

Of course, the freedom to be creative is key, but I like play with things that the customer loves.

If you want a commission, contact me:

in progress-1

Previously finish


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