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The Ancient Roma Coffee Machine Visual Toy


Rebuilt Gif from contest, Not selected (They selected 5 😦 not me included)  from a hotel in Roma i don´t want remind. I just can say: Congrats to all winners and congrats to jury drug dealer. He have got good stuff. 😉

The theme for the contest was show “love coffee” “Coffee passion” etc for the new Hotel opening at Rome.

Apart of that fury angry comment from a loser artist, was sad the final results (for me), because i was the favourite one (number of lovers, comment, etc) actually, at Suisse National Radio talked about me and about the Hotel contest i was trying to be selected. Telling the name of the Hotel etc. Free publicity before the final results….

That´s life. I share here the refused Visual Toy rebuilt and the hotel name is…don´t remind  sorry 😉


I love Korean Style! Yeah!

Great Surprise!! Some Corean friend did this video. I find by casualty. Don´t understand but hope positive ajajajajajajajaj. Thanks a lot!!!! 8Bit music EPIC! I love 🙂 :). Thankss


Gran cara de ¡Pero que coñ..! cuando me encuentro este video. 🙂 🙂Gracias. Mola verse en coreano. Habla bien…espero jajajaaj. El video es una recopilación regulera (lo digo con amor) de algunos de mis trabajos. Pero la música de 8bits es épica, ¡¡¡me encanta!!!! Un placer. Gracias amigo!

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My Visual Toy for Campari Negroni Contest


I´m in a contest by CAMPARI Germany about Negroni cocktail ornganized by Talenthouse. That is my submission.

Winner will know 23 January. 😉 Crossing fingers.

UPDATED: Finally i win!!!! Yeah!!!